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WELLNESS: What Is It About The Lake?

Maybe it's because I grew up in a small town by the lake, but something about the water, no strike that. Maybe it's more about the way the rays glistens off the ripples in the water. The way the breeze lightly tousles my hair. How the sun feels on my skin. The sound of the birds and ducks. And the smell of fish in the water (yes even that). Yep, that's it. It's not only about the water, but everything that encompasses the water and its surroundings.

All of that makes me so relaxed, feeling peaceful and really happy.

Can't you tell!

Today I woke up at the lake. After grabbing my cup of coffee I went down to the dock for some time alone to just sit in quiet. It's been a bit of a busy week and a little bit of a heavy week. Mostly good things, but a few tough ones too. I needed to find some solace and sitting by the water was just the place. I wanted to meditate, but at first it was hard for me to shut my mind off. So instead I closed my eyes, said a couple prayers and then I tried again. I focused on listening to the water lapping up on the dock, to the birds and to my breathing. A calm came over me and I just sat in the moment thinking of nothing. It was a fantastic way to start the day. When I opened my eyes I felt ready for the day (and I also wanted to buy a lake house). Seriously though, wouldn't it be so dreamy to live right on the lake every single day? To wake up and head to the dock for some quiet time just soaking in all the surroundings.

And then in the evenings I could see a sunset like this. I love the sunset on the water too. What a most beautiful way to end a day.

Ahhhh! So what about you? Where is the place that makes you feel at peace, happy and relaxed? Do you have such a place? If you do, share in the comments below. If not, you definitely need to find yourself one. It does a body, mind and spirit good!

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