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WELLNESS: The Selfie As The Mirror

We all take selfies from time to time. Some more than others. I admit it, I occasionally will take a selfie. Many times it's when I'm traveling, or in a new place. Mostly because I want to capture where I am, to freeze that exact moment so that later in time I can remember the experience.

A selfie can also act as a mirror revealing a reflection of self. Not how you look, but more about how you were feeling when you took the photo, about where you are not only physically but mentally.

This is a selfie of me on a sailboat just before sunset in Placencia, Belize. I took it because I wanted to remember how I was feeling in that moment. How at peace I was, how calm I felt and how nothing in the world mattered to me except that moment. I was so thirsty to drink it all in. And that I did. And I was elated.

I remember thinking that this was a moment I never wanted to forget. I wanted to be sure to recall this when I wasn't feeling my best, or struggling with something.

So in all transparency, today I opened up this photo to help me along with something that has been bothering me. A couple weeks ago, someone said something to me that was pretty judgmental and hurtful and it left me with a bad feeling that has been hard to shake.

I'm a pretty strong, independent woman and I'm extremely comfortable in my own skin. But this conversation started to make me question my worth and some decisions I've made in living life in my prime. While I thought I put it behind me, it was still in the back of my mind. Until tonight when I opened up this photo which brought back the incredibly peaceful, calm and satisfying feeling I experienced on that sailboat.

It quickly reminded me that I can't control what others feel or say. I can only control how I react to it and how I allow it to effect me. And with that I edited the photo a bit and added the saying:

Life is like a mirror. We get the best results when we smile.

Because when it comes down to it, no matter how hard it can be, I am happy that I am single and not settling just to be in a relationship for fear of being alone. And even during the struggles of being a single woman (because there are some), everyday I make the choice to be positively prime, with a smile for the best results.

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Middle age is the prime of our lives. How are you living positively prime? I'd love to hear from you. Let's share ideas and build one another up.

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