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TRAVEL: It's Officially Launch Day

Today is the official introduction to the #GadaboutGals. And we are so very excited to launch and share this with all our friends, and followers!!! Yep, a work of love inspired on the pier in Belize between me, Tiffany and Kelly. They are my travel companions, my tribe and now my Gadabout Gals collaborators. What's a Gadabout?

Gadabout: (n) A person who travels often or to many different places for pleasure.

The Gadabout Gals are savvy social media ladies in their prime who enjoy travel while writing and using their various social media networks to promote travel destinations. The goal is to create a buzz about the destination we visit using “world of mouth” marketing.

The three of us have been working on creating a lifestyle travel site where we will share all things destinations, flavors, excursions that will include plenty of tips, tricks and lots of fun!

Check out the Gadabout Gals website. I've personally spent the last couple weeks building it working to create something interesting, and appealing and now the three of us will fill it with our travel diary.

The other interesting part about the Gadabout Gals is that combined we have a pretty big social media network and can make a big influence. While enjoying the places and adventures we are able to experience, we'd like to use our social influence to market and promote various destinations, restaurants, entertainment, excursions!

We are truly having the prime of our lives while experiencing the globe — and we LOVE sharing it all with the world! If you're a destination location we'd love to share you. Learn more about how we can promote you and see our influence in numbers. Then connect with us!

If you are a lover of travel, friend, a destination owner or manager, or are just interested in learning more about what the Gadabout Gals are up to next connect with us and become a site member. We'd love to get to know you better.

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That's all I'm giving you. So if you want to know why Michele plans to break out of her bubble, how Kelly will still fit in her cowboy boots, and how Tiffany is always looking for something zesty then you'll have to check out the Gadabout Gals website!

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