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SPIRITUALITY: Sail, Sunset & Stars

Updated: May 25, 2018

Spirituality is one of my four "musts" for living positively prime. I find my spirituality in my faith in God, in connecting with nature, giving back and helping others, and the moments where I can just BE and just listen. Those are the most rare and most precious.

We have the HOPE as an anchor for the SOUL firm and secure. Hebrews 6:19

When in Belize earlier this month I had many of those rare moments. In fact, that entire week I just lived in and breathed in every moment that I was given. Sure it was easier to do there. Not only was I on vacation in a beautiful country, but I really didn't have anything else to interrupt my moments. I cherished this and took it all in. In my blog post that I wrote earlier this week about Placencia Belize I mentioned waking at 5a every day to watch the sunrise from the pier over the Caribbean. Everyday was spectacularly different. I took in every one with a grateful, blessed heart and was in awe of the masterpiece God created daily.

The other breathtaking moment that proved to be the most spiritual for me during my entire trip was our sunset sailboat cruise. On our last night in Placencia we spent it on a beautiful Catamaran sail boat and it was a perfect sunshiny evening with a light wind and calm waters. Sailing up and down the lagoon was relaxing and fun (especially when the three dolphins decided to swim by our boat). Once the sun started to set we changed sail and directed the boat toward the Mayan Mountains where the sun was setting. It was colorful, and it changed by the minute. The most magically vibrant part was when the sun set behind the mountains and behind a small bank of clouds. This is where colors that I have never seen mixed together appeared. God's show was incredibly moving. We all just sat silently and appreciated that moment.

When we thought it was over because darkness fell is when I experienced my biggest surprise and a greatest moment of deep spiritual connection. The sky lit up filling with what looked like millions of stars in every corner. In my entire life I have never seen that many stars in the sky. I found myself looking up for such a long time and thanking God. In that moment I not only appreciated the beauty, but I realized that between those millions of stars, the millions of grains of sand on the Caribbean beaches, and the millions of creatures and people on the planet, God still knows me - personally knows me. It was overwhelming and calming all at the same time and definitely a feeling I never want to forget.

Spirituality doesn't need to be religion. In fact, I feel most spiritual when it is not man-made. What moves you spirituality? I'd love to hear about your moving moments. Please share.

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