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TRAVEL: Photo Shoot In Placencia, Belize

Updated: May 22, 2018

This is me reaching and grabbing all that I could to take every bit in. Thank you Placencia for being such an inspiration. I have much gratitude in my heart for you.

I just returned from one of the most incredible trips of my life with some of my favorite people on the planet. Placencia, Belize is absolutely beautiful! As I mentioned in my story on my main web page, it was the inspiration for this site about my practice of living positively prime.

From our gorgeous Groovy Gecko Villa, to the pier where every single morning at 5a I watched the sunrise with my friend Tiffany [and a cute stingray who swam around our pier that I named Franklin]; to the colorful Placencia Village and the amazingly vibrant sunset sail cruise we took on our last night; and everything in-between [pool time, the waterfall excursion, the Placencia Resort, the amazing fresh pineapple and the friendly spirits of the Placencia locals]. This is a trip I will never forget.

It also reinforced my love for travel and my desire to travel more out of the country. It is so good to get out of your bubble as often as you can!

I could share with you all my photos, and I will do that through various posts over time, but for this post I thought it would be fun to share a quick video trailer I created to capture some of our adventure.

Ok, here are some photos. Many of my friends joked with me saying I really didn't go on a vacation, and that I actually went on a photos shoot. But when you are surrounded by so much incredible, vibrant, natural beauty how could you not take advantage of it?!

Have you taken a dream vacation that opened your mind and desire to travel more? Or maybe it was to go for a dream you've had? I'd love to hear about it. Comment or message me and I might be inspired to share it.

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