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WELLNESS: Patio & Pancakes Are So Good For My Heart, Especially When It Involves My Kids!

My kids together, in the same place, with me for dinner and breakfast. It was quick, but it was so good for me! As I mention in "My Story" on the Home page, both of my kids moved out within weeks of each other to two separate cities. While they are not too terribly far away they are in opposite directions and times when all three of us are together seems to be a rare occurrence.

Patio and pancakes sandwiched between a ton of gut busting laughter does a body and mind so good!

So when it happens I treat it like a celebration, because to me it is! That' why last night called for a nice dinner out on a patio and this morning I made lemon blueberry pancakes. Sandwiched between all of that came plenty of laughs and memories that warmed my heart, mind and soul.

I have awesome kids! I cherish any minute I can get with them!

Feeling blueberry pancake happy!

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