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MICHMASH: How A Butterfly Can Be Both Creative & Spiritual

I've always loved butterflies, the various colors, sizes and types. The way they look as if they are floating in the air always mesmerizes me. One summer when I was a kid we had a monarch butterfly migration come through our hometown and it was amazing! Butterflies, or Lepidopteras, (that's what I always called them back then after studying butterflies in biology class), were everywhere. It felt like the town was in some type of fairytale. How I wish we had smartphones back then because I would have taken so many photos and video.

When creating my new prime brand and logo I wanted something that represented this time in my life and something that spoke to me. I chose the butterfly. Sure it's because I've always loved them, but actually it's because they have special meaning. A butterfly symbolizes life, change, endurance and hope. But for me, this time in my life, it actually means even more.

In my story on the Home page I mention my kids heading out into the world on their own within weeks of each other. What I didn't mention was at about that same time a relationship that I had with a special man for over three years ended as well. It was a lot to take all at one time. Of course I over thought everything in wondering why it happened, why all at the same time, and what I was going to do next. I never felt defeated, but I just wondered why. It was a couple days after talking to one of my good friends about everything that a package arrived at my door. She sent me a book by Gabrielle Bernstein called "The Universe Has Your Back."

It was a really great read about meditation, listening, choosing love and how the universe does send you signs. Being spiritual and having faith I also believe that God, in his universe, does send us signs if we listen and watch. This book was a nice reminder of that written in a different way.

There were many things in the book I try to put into practice, but the one thing that stood out for me the most was the quick exercise she asked us to do as we read. I'm paraphrasing here, but she basically asked the reader to chose a universal sign and in order to get that we needed to stop reading, close our eyes and think of the first thing that came to our mind. So I did it and the first thing that popped into my head was an orange butterfly.

So I tucked that into my mind and finished the book not really thinking about it again. A couple days later a situation was happening in regards to my son and where he was living. Being his first place away from home I wanted to know that the right decision was made about where he was living. While visiting him and handling a couple things in the rental office I started to question if this was right. I kid you not, I looked around the office and on the back of the door was a photo of an orange butterfly. Right then and there (after the goosebumps went back down) I felt a calm knowing that my universal sign made an appearance.

Since then I have seen more orange butterflies then normal and it's usually when I'm wondering about something or questioning a situation. Anytime I see one it immediately gives me a calm feeling and I know in my heart everything is going to end up positive - positively prime.

Hence my new logo - the butterfly with orange and my favorite color purple, movement in the font and upward swoosh. It shows life, gives me calm and let's me know this is exactly where I need to be right now in this moment.

Do you have a universal sign? If not, maybe you need to close your eyes and see what first comes to mind.

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