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MICHMASH: A Weekend Road Trip To Taste Wines Of Italy

Last weekend I took a long-weekend road-trip and participated in a fabulous women's wellness retreat. In that retreat we did many things in an incredible loft apartment, (I'll be sharing that on my Gadabout Gals website this Friday so you'll need to check it out then), but the way we ended the retreat was with an Italian wine tasting. This made me pretty excited because I enjoy wine, and next year I'll be traveling to Italy so learning about Italian wines was perfect timing.

We tasted five different types with grapes I've never tried before because they are specific to that country. Because I have heard of some I was intrigued:

1. Ferghettina Franciaccita Brut (around $37) which is an Italian champagne from Lombardy, Italy. It has notes of Enticing aromas of pressed wild flower, chamomile and white stone fruit lead the nose. The bright palate delivers ripe yellow apple, white peach and dried herb alongside an elegant, lively perlage. A lemon-drop note gives it a tangy finish. It is delicious pair with linguine with shrimp, fried mussels, grilled squid, shrimp, fried fish and pizza.

2. Terredora di Paolo Falanghina (around $20) from southern Italy is a pale yellow colour. Offers a rich and intense aromaof fruit with hints of apple, pineapple, quince and pear. It is fresh and clean in the mouth with excellent acidity, good structure and a floral finish. This wine is versatile enough to serve for the whole meal; ideal with appetizers, soups.

3. Tenuta Di Corte Giacobbe Soave (around $14) which is a winegrowing denomination to the east of Verona; the wine estate of Corte Giacobbe lies along the ridge of the Roncà valley, just a few kilometres from the town of Soave. It's bright straw yellow color with fruity, floral notes of white fruit and banana. On the palate the wine is harmonious with good persistence and a bitter almond finish. This is a perfect match with white meats, fish and vegetables.

4. Damilano Marghe Langhe Nebbiolo (around $23) from Piedmont, Italy this wine displays ruby red color with garnet highlights. Characteristic notes of violet and red fruit. Dry on the palate with good body and character; velvety and harmonious. It pairs well with hearty first courses, red meats, roasts, braised meats, game and aged cheese.

5. Acinum Amarone Della Valpolicella (around $50) from Veneto, Italy is a deep ruby red colour with pomegranate reflections. Aromas of peach blossoms, violet, raspberry and mint. On the palate it is intense yet refined; it displays full body and smoothness, with clear notes of dried grapes. It is ideal with spicy dishes, game and seasoned cheeses. Excellent with Parmigiano cheese.

All of them tasted wonderful in their own way and I wouldn't turn down a glass of any of them. My favorites - The Ferghettina Franciaccita Brut because it would be a good celebration bottle; The Damilano Marghe Langhe Nebbiolo because I've heard many Somms talk about this grape and I've always wanted to try it (and wasn't disappointed); and the Acinum Amazon Della Valpolicella because it was the most delicious and it's so fun to say!

But most of all it was a fantastic experience to learn, taste and enjoy new wines in a gorgeous space with wonderful women. Cheers!

Oh and I forgot to mention the amazing view!

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