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INSIGHT: Maybe It's Not Always Sunshine & Roses

My Insight After Listening To Young Women View Life

I recently had the pleasure of dining with my 24-year-old daughter and her friend from high school. It was a rare occasion that both were in town for the weekend, so time together was part of their plan. It was my good fortune to be included in a portion of their evening.

Spending time with these girls is always a treat. I'm thrilled that they both think I'm cool enough not only to spend some time with me and take interest in my life but to comfortably share their life happenings, thoughts and latest stories from their social media worlds.

Listening to them sounded familiar, yet so different. In my early 20's I too moved to a bigger city, had a job and was dating. We were bonded together as young women who felt like pioneers heading out into the world to start adult life. Only for them, it was just a couple of years ago and for me, it was 28. But that wasn't what made it seem different. Sure technology was much more infantile 28 years ago. Cell phones weren't even around yet, laptops weren't on anyone's laps and Instagram wasn't even a concept. But that wasn't it either. Yes, opportunities are much more plentiful now as opposed to then, but still not it.

What felt different wasn't the When or the What but more the Who. Young girls have changed quite a lot in 28 years.

They are more aware and they are independent.

They are more aware and they are strong.

They are more aware and they are driven.

They are more aware and they expose.

They are more aware and they are unpredictable.

They are more aware and they unapologetically stand-up.

They are more aware and they are mindful.

They are more aware and they are united.

They are more aware. That's what is different. Yes, when I was 24 I was independent, strong, stood-up and was mindful, but my world awareness was nothing like theirs is now. Most likely it's because today information is much more readily available and everything is instantaneously in their face. But not all information shared today is correct. I know, shocker! It wasn't like that when I was their age. We didn't hear about everything as soon as it happened and then had to decipher the situation after ingesting hundreds of different personal interpretations. It's intense! The intensity level is so different. These young women are at 11! I was probably more like a seven back then.

I'm not sure which way is better. Looking back it was sort of nice growing up having to figure things out for myself and not having information overload. Quite honestly, I was more naive. But I believe that made it easier to allow for some downtime to rest and recharge. Today that seems to be a rarity, possibly even a luxury. From what I was hearing across the dinner table there seems to be more pressure, the need to always be on, and almost a bit of a "gotta fight for it" mentality. That 24/7 would be so draining to me. But, at least right now, they didn't seem to be phased. It just seemed to be their norm.

On the other hand, I do love that the young women of today are empowered by awareness to use their knowledge, their voice, and their actions to create their path. I also love that there are so many different platforms in which to share their thoughts, goals, and progress. And by being united as they stand-up together, they are making a difference creating a path not only for themselves but for my future as well.

Driving home from dinner I thought about our conversation. It was then that I found myself wanting to impart some old pioneer woman wisdom. But it was too late, they were already off to their next place. So instead of saying it, I decided to create a post and write it.

My advice would be this ... I know this incredibly connected world is energetic, instant and informative giving you endless opportunities. That is exciting, empowering but also exhausting. So with that I want to instill a few pieces of advice:

1. Take the time to relax and reset. Invest in some downtown in order to avoid burnout.

2. Be thoughtful with what you hear. Use care while processing it in order to make the best decisions for yourselves and this world.

3. Once you make those decisions, go for it. You will encounter set-backs and failures but never give up!

As I look at these two lovely, young women I am filled with hope. They are out there already making such a positive impact!
They give me the confidence to feel that our future is shaping up to be a really good one.
You will do great things. I'm rooting for you! xo




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