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MICHMASH: A Mushy MichMash

Updated: May 24, 2018

I thought it would be quirky, cute and catchy to create a blog category called MichMash (spelled using my name since I'm creating them - LOL). I also think it appropriate to have my first MichMash be about my besties - Tiffany and Kelly. Warning it will be a mushy MichMash, hence the title.

In my blog, a MichMash is a mashup of a couple, or all, of my four "musts" for living positively prime - Travel, Creativity, Wellness & Spirituality.

My friends Tiffany and Kelly are my thick and thin, ride or die, will drop everything and follow you as you're being sent to another area in the Belize airport for an extra security check to make sure you're going to be ok (story for another time). We met through Twitter and have been friends for over nine years! We've survived moves, new chapters, new businesses, adventures, dreams, and lots of laughter. We are all very different, yet very same and through all these years we've done nothing but cheer one another on, support one another, accept one another, brainstorm with each other, and celebrate each other. What an incredible blessing it is for me to have two amazing friends that I know will be my friends, my chosen family, my tribe for life.

We are the ones with the messy hair, the dirty feet and that wild sparkle in our eyes.

They are my first MichMash because these two are a part of each of my positively prime musts. They bring out the creativity in me and we've done so many creative projects together. In fact, they are a big reason why I started this site and practice of being positively prime. They bring out the wanderlust in me because some of my best travel adventures have been and will be with them. They bring out the desire and drive to be well. We all have taken a more healthy, natural and holistic approach to our mid-life with great results. We all support each other spiritually through motivating passages and scripture, connection with universe and our surroundings and appreciating the spirit within all types of people. These two bring out the absolute best in me and I love them so very much!

Check out Tiffany at Flown The Coop and Kelly at Sugar Pie Tees. Both owners of two fantastic businesses!

I hope for you a friendship like this one. Do you have a friend or friends that are your chosen family, your tribe? I wish you a blessing like this!

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