Positively Prime



Soon after I turned 50 I found myself with a very empty, very quiet house. My job as mom of two, although never finished, changed drastically when they both moved out within weeks of each other to separate cities. Almost immediately I silently began to wonder what's next for my upcoming chapter. 


I've been an empty nester and have been doing 50 for a bit now, and you know what ... the next chapter is incredible! I realized pretty quickly that mid-life is the prime of my life. A time when I am now allowed to focus on just me. Do what I want to do. Go where I want to go. 


And just as quickly, I decided I am going to make the best of every moment. Living life to the fullest. Living positively prime.

This blog was born while reflecting as I watched the daily sunrise on a pier in Placencia, Belize. It was there I found gratitude and inspiration, along with the desire to share my journey.

Living My Prime at 50

Here is where I will share my thoughts, adventures, stories and who knows, maybe provide a little insight and inspiration too.


There is so much to discover, look forward to and talk about as a positively prime woman!


My Five Musts For Living Positively Prime 






Middle age is the prime of our lives. How are you living positively prime? I'd love to hear from you. Let's share ideas and build one another up.

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